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From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 10/06/97

I hope it's not too late to offer up some more suggestions
for the next release :)

Actually, I don't even know what the anticipated changes
are for the next release (is there a site that documents
them?), so if these have already been slated for adding,
feel free to ignore this message :)

I was creating a D&D based MUD (not AD&D, but red-boxed set
Basic D&D :)  and was adding in some of the patches from the
ftp site/snippets page and thought that some of them would
probably be useful enough and generic enough to add to the
stock source.

In particular, the improved text editing
(improved_edit.patch.gz on the ftp site) (there is a note
in the TODO file about a new text editing system, and this
one is very nice) and the arcport (arcport.tar.gz on the ftp
site) tar_str addition to manual spells (I used this to
create a working control weather spell, and it could be used
for ventriloquate too, both of which have spell numbers
allocated in spells.h, but aren't otherwise implemented -
I can even pass along my control weather spell, but it
probably still needs some tweaking, although my values for
pressure and change seem to change the weather one step per
casting, on average, so maybe not :)

To the authors of these patches, no, I am not ignoring the
message in your readme files to send you email about my
mud using your patches - I don't have a site for my mud...
;P  (I just want to be prepared when one comes available :)

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