Re: [code] switch bug (sort of) from "George" at Oct 6, 97 07:42:45 pm

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 10/06/97

> >> >When you switch into someone you can get their mail at the postmaster.
> >>
> >> That's 'ethical feature' not switch bug.
> >>
> >> You really shouldn't, but then again, there may be a reason to.
> >>
> >> For all intents and purposes you *are* that character.
> >I think what he meant was, you can get around the minimal level to
> >read someones mail by doing that.
> Huh, what minimum level to read mail?
> If you can switch, you had better be able to read mail before switch.

The point is that you can recieve and send another person's mail by
switching into their link-dead body. It's has such serious ethical
implications that I would classify it as a bug that needs fixed. If
you're switched into another char you should either not be allowed
to recieve their mail or you should recieve your own mail.

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