Re: [AD] "Brett" at Oct 6, 97 04:08:34 pm

From: Aaron Miller (Tarus50@CONCENTRIC.NET)
Date: 10/07/97

> Hello, I am in despirate need of coders for a MUD. I am currently hoping to
> learn code myself, but still, need an expierenced coder to be there too. I
> was hoping someone out there would know alot about circle 3.0 code and
> would be willing to code for us in the time being. I sent a message out a
> while ago, and got 5 replies, but they only said they would help if I had
> questions, I dont need questions answered this time, i need a coder. Thank
> you.
It would very much be in your best interest to learn to code on your own.
I was asking the very same questions not too long ago, but most of the
replies you get will seem like a good coder, more often then not it is
just someone who at the time feels like coding for a MUD, but won't in a
few days. I learned this and started teaching myself C and toying around
with CircleMUD code. I can say that if you decide to learn to code, you
could not have picked a better base. It is the cleanest and best
documented base I have looked at.. Good luck.

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