Re: [list] returned mail

From: Alex (fletcher@DEMOCRACY.QUEENSU.CA)
Date: 10/07/97

> Whenever I send mail to this list, i will get a message from the L-Soft
> List Serv saying it got my mail, then the mail will be returned, then i
> will (most of the time) get replies to it. Is something screwy with my
> ISP, mailer, or this list?
If you'd taken the time to read the message you get when you join the
list, it tells you what options you have when you mail it.  In short,
the default options are as follows:

* You get an acknowledgement from the list that your mail was sent to
  the list.
* You get your mail back from the list as if it was sent by someone
* You get mail as it is sent as compared to digest mode.

Please take the time to read documentation.  It really helps.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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