Re: "bugs" (Was: [code] switch bug (sort of)) "Edward Glamkowski" at Oct 7, 97 03:27:17 pm

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 10/07/97

> Which brings up a point for the next release of the source:
> the NODROP flag, and that it prevents even immortals from
> dropping items that have this flag.  Now that is a "feature"
> :P

True, but it can be subverted if they have access to zedit.

>         I'd also say imps should be allowed to start  fights
> in PEACEFUL rooms and cast magic in NOMAGIC rooms, but that
> is probably more a matter of taste.

I've done this. :)
I added an immortal powers flag (much like holylight or
roomflags). It let's immortals cast spells in !magic rooms,
walk on water without boats, track over water and through
doors, etc. I just threw everything useful that I could
thinking of into it. It also controls whether some
"debug" info is printed when commands are used. For
instance, I had the switch command print out what
percentage of the mud it had to search.

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