Re: Oedit "Brian Williams - Nashak" at Oct 7, 97 05:20:10 pm

From: Nynaeve Al'Meara (nynaeve@PIONEER.EUNET.FI)
Date: 10/07/97


> I.e. maximum of an 8d8 weapon? I am getting tired of builders making
> 1293876 d 123407 weapons and stuff..

Well actually, why make a hardcoded limit, you might actually sometime want
to be able to use the higher ends of the scale (well not maybe as high as you
say, but definitely higher than your example 8d8)

My suggestion: Make a policy and general guideline for area creators and
builders so they are not _allowed_ to make anything more powerful than XX.

This has worked very well on the two first muds where i've been building and
has proven totally sufficient on the one i'm on now.

Nynaeve Al'Meara

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