Re: [CODE] Manual Patching

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 10/08/97

Check out Greg's site.  He has documentation on how to do this.
or off of Alex's snippet site there is a link if this is wrong.
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Subject:  [CODE] Manual Patching
Author: at CSERVE
Date:    10/7/97 10:35 PM

O.k. I'm trying to manually patch new_do_who.diff (it failed on hunk 1 and 5)

I think I understand that the lines with a + need to be added... what do
the lines with a ! mean?  and are there any other "symbols" I'm gonna run
into manually patching things?

I tried the man pages for patch and found nothing there.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated.. my mud is down until I can figure out what the !'s
mean. :)

- Dominique
  Crystal Towers

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