Re: [ Off-Topic ] Switch/Mail and stuff.. "Chris Proctor" at Oct 9, 97 03:19:00 pm

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 10/08/97

> > The ability to read another player's mail in stock circle using
> > switch requires them to be link dead. I would say that makes
> > switch pretty much useless as a tool for reading mail.
> Well, there's the good old 'dc' command.
> Force them to drop link, then switch into them.
> Maybe ban them too so they can't log in again.
> Easy enough to do if you want to.

First they have to be logged on. :)
I suppose you could look up their password and log them on,
though. Then again, you could just read the mail files in
that case too. If they're playing though there's no way
to read their mail without them knowing your doing it.
That's one problem with the load char solution: it doesn't
let you secretly read the other player's mail. Not while
they're logged on, at least. If they aren't logged on you
have to do some cutting and pasting to resend it. Plus the
date will be messed up, though they aren't likely to catch
that. An ideal mail reading command would let you browse
the subject lines and senders of the mail for each person
(assuming you have proper access). Including keyword
searching for things like "bug", etc. That assumes you
really want to take the 1984 approach to reading mail,
though. =)

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