Re: Autoloot with Get Patch

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 10/09/97

I just changed the fight.c to this
      if (IS_NPC(victim) && !IS_NPC(ch) && PRF_FLAGGED(ch,
        do_get(ch,"all corpse",0,0);
      } else

and it's still crashing with this dump...

#0  0x4007643f in strcpy ()
#1  0x81a96a0 in ?? ()
#2  0x80561e2 in do_get (ch=0x81a7850, argument=0x80a9a05 "all corpse",
    subcmd=0) at act.item.c:319
#3  0x8071cdd in damage (ch=0x81a7850, victim=0x81a96a0, dam=30052,
    attacktype=300) at fight.c:817
#4  0x8071f89 in hit (ch=0x81a7850, victim=0x81a96a0, type=-1) at
#5  0x80589db in do_hit (ch=0x81a7850, argument=0xbffff703 " puff",
    subcmd=0) at act.offensive.c:116

I'm new to the whole debugging with debugger world so any assistance
would be greatly appreciated...

>Nathan Davies,

>My point was: If I can type exactly what your autoloot does and it works,
>then something might be wrong with the autoloot. (Like checking
>IS_NPC(vict) after they are dead.)
>A GDB trace would be nice.
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