[new mud?] Do you want to create your own mud??

From: Gerhard Poul (gerhard@CCC.AT)
Date: 10/10/97


if you want to create your own mud pleae contact me...

I will send you a codebase you can use...

I will update the code and send you diff files every time a new version
comes out...

(Based on Circle of course and all features of future versions will be

The idea, bug, ... files will be transmitted to you AND me by email, so i
can fix bugs and code ideas your users had... if you have problems or new
ideas we can coordinate this via our mailing list...

please don't flame me!!

The only thing, you will have to make your own world...

when we are 2 or 3 muds then i want to realize the 'Jumping between muds'
thing (look the other message)

If you want to hear about the features or something else, feel free to
email me!!

I'm only a coder who likes coding but don't wants to give his coding
efforts only to his mud because the server is very slow :((

I will also read this Mailing list and include the bugfixes, ideas, ...
from here... if you want to help me or tell me some ideas you have or you
know what i can improve then you can mail me and we will think about it on
the list!

I hope you will contact me...

(But please only contact me if you know about a server where you can host
the mud because my server is too slow :((( )

(Ohhh, and i don't know how long our server is online because they want to
purge it...)

   Gerhard Poul

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