Re: [CODE] [Possible BUG] Thieves and Pick

From: Co-Sysop (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM)
Date: 10/11/97

At 02:07 AM 10/11/97 -0700, Thibor wrote:
>Morphing into Objects:
>If the MUD is heavily roleplay oriented, the advatage of tagging along
>someone as an object could be tremendous!  Imagine spying on an opposing
>clan like that...  Just a simple shield on the wall, or so they think,
>in the meantime learning of all their battle tactics, and where they
>their loot!  But imagine for a moment, if you will, morphing into
>*chomp chomp*

A whole new way of grouping!  morph into a weapon and have someone carry you
around and kill things with you!  This sounds like something that would be
difficult to code but I think it would be worth the work (wish I thought of
it :) )
if you morph into a shield and someone uses you might even want to make it
possible to get hurt as the person carrying you blocks with his/her shield.
Might want to avoid morphing into a pile of gold.  wouldn't want to be
spent.  If someone actually pulls this off they will have a very fun mud to
play (you would never know if something you pick up is an item or a

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