Re: non-recursive tracking algorithm

From: Sean Butler (sbutler@DEVEAST.COM)
Date: 10/14/97

I am not sure how this happened, but the thread I wished to start was supposed to be about alternative tracking methods to the one used by Jeremy's.  It did not work for me under the simplest conditions, and I am not sure why.  Just to get things straight:

a. I was a mortal tracking a mortal player.
b. It was in a zone with no !TRACK rooms
c. The zone had no overlapping rooms
d. The zone was not connected to any other zone
e. There was no one else tracking (not that it should matter)
f. The rooms were defined in such a way that the algorithm should work

What this thread turned into was a discussion about BFS and where I can find more info and why it's the best method, etc. etc.  Well I won't argue the point any further, I just wanted people to suggest alternatives, and that happened but once.  Thank you Gary Barnett, it was an interesting idea.

I am sorry if anyone was insulted.  Please lets limit this thread to discussions about alternative methods.

Thanks a lot,

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