[Code] command to display text files

From: Mark Young (in6) (mark.young@UNN.AC.UK)
Date: 10/15/97

I'm trying to add a command to display a file from the
lib/text directory. The file is called map and these
are the additions i made ...

in interpreter.c -
{"map", POSITION_SLEEPING, do_map, 0, 0},

in act.informative.c -
extern char *map
    page_string(ch->desc, map, 0);    /* line 2973 */

in db.h -
#define MAP_FILE      "text/map"    /* for the 'map' command */

It seems to compile ok but crashes out during the linking with
the message -
act.informative.c:2973: Undefined symbol `_map' referenced from text

Anyone point me to what i'm missing here?

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