From: Iuri Fiedoruk (bart@ALUNOG.UFSM.BR)
Date: 10/15/97

Hi, I and four friends of me, are building a MUD on a Linux server.
The problem, is what we whant to build areas at home, but like we do not use
Linux ou Unix,
we want the win95 circlemud.
But is *really* difficult for us find and much more buy, the Microsoft
Visual C++.
So if anybody can, send us or send a mail telling us one address where can
we get the compiled
circlemud for win95.
Its only for teste our areas. If exist a port for DOS we wnat it too.
If you want to send atached by mail, please, send to me at
bart@babel.ufsm.br or to my friend Balk at
balk@smnet.com.br or put it on a ftp or http server and we will take it.
Thanks a lot.

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