Re: Titles

From: Archangel (9605217d@LUX.LEVELS.UNISA.EDU.AU)
Date: 10/15/97

> How can I make it so the titles are not rewritten every time a person
> levels?

I simply put the following code in the set_title function in limits.c:

void set_title(struct char_data *ch, char *title)
  if (title == NULL)
/* if we have no title, put a default title */
    if (!GET_TITLE(ch)) title = "has no title.";
    else title = str_dup(GET_TITLE(ch));


then modified every occurence of set_title in db.c, class.c and limits.c
to read set_title(ch, NULL).

Leave the set_title commands in act.other.c and act.wizard.c alone though.

This will set everybody's title to "has not title" until they manually
set their own title.

Rohan Wallace

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