Re: Jesus walked on water...

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 10/15/97

>        Obviously, I'm not the first individual to come across this
>situation.  Can anyone suggest a proper approach to correct the situation?
>Besides simply drowning if something happens to your boat, won't be too
>realistic if your Fly spell wears off 1000ft up and nothing happens, or
>conversly if your 1000ft underwater and your AFF_AQUAMAN (sic) flag drops
>and you can still stroll along the ocean floor without a problem.

On the snippets site, there is one procedure for falling players in
flying rooms.  I went one step further and created the same thing for
objects.  I also made a sinking procedure for objects, for all the
underwater rooms that I have.  No object is EVER lost on my MUD if you
drop it.  It may sink...or if it has a ITEM_FLOAT flag, it won't sink at
all.  Kinda fun with my random wave motion....ITEM_CONTAINER bottle,
stick a note in it, and see who comes to rescue you :)

As you can guess I was going for realism.  Let's just say I was sick of
flying bird corpses, and their flying gold.  <grin>

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