Re: Bearhug?!?

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 10/15/97

> Actually, the problem is When you Initiate an attack with Bearhug,
> Victim is Stunned Allrigt, but PC starts hitting right away. *ponder*

that's cause wait_state does nothing more than stop a character's input
from being processed...but fighting (round to round hitting) is automatic
if the players are on the combat list (the reason people don't hit if
they miss a bash is cause they are sitting)...if you want them to not hit
eachother...well...the way that i'd do this would be to remove the
players from the combat list using stop_fighting or something...somehow
mark them as being locked together (PLR_HUGGED or AFF_HUG) so that they
couldn't do anything...then set up an event to make them start fighting
again..but this assumes that you have some kind of event system...

i was also going to suggest a method using different positions, but not
only would that require you to reformat you're mob files, butyou'd also
still have the problem of getting them to start fighting again..

your best bet would prolly be to get an event system of some kind and use
the first method..(unless of course someone else suggested something
easier that i haven't read yet)...


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