Re: Core Dumps

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 10/15/97

>Well, in practice, when all else fails, ask the stupid questions.
>(Is it plugged in?, etc) No insult intended.
  none taken, thanks for the explanation on that one :-P
>cat << EOF | gdb bin/circle

>That should:
      ^^^^^^^-- means, you aren't sure :-P
i tried the above, and gdb attempted to take input from ME, even while
the mud (on a test port) was trying to run, locking up the mud.

well, not one to be a quitter (check my Signature File :-)
i decided to play around with it a bit, and here's what i got.

  cat << EOF | gdb -batch -x AUTOGDB bin/circle >> syslog2 2>&1
do NOT ask me why this works and
  gdb -batch -x AUTOGDB bin/circle >> syslog2 2>&1
doesn't, b/c i can't figure it out :-P

This DOES (in Tcsh)
>a) invoke gdb
     with a batch file (which has the run statement, bt,
                        info locals, where,
                        list, and quit and Y (just in case it asks :-P)
>b) run the mud
     piping the output into syslog2 (on a test port this worked,
                                     so i did this to make sure it wasn't
                                   the actual syslog :-P
>c) backtrace the stack when it crashes
>d) exit gdb to continue autorun
    YES! again. WOOHOO! :-P

>Other handy things:
>'info locals'
  thanks for this one :-P
>'dir src'
>`handle` command in general
  had to use this (because for some reason the ident patch sends a SIGPIPE)
  handle SIGPIPE nostop noprint
works pretty well :-P

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