Re: Jesus walked on water...

Date: 10/17/97

Here's my idea on the subject.  (I think someone mentioned something similar

Basically, what I would do is implement something similar to the bury/dig
system.  When you drop something in a noswim room, it sinks to the bottom of
the water.  Then, if a player really wants it back, he can type 'dive' or
whatever (probably a skill) and it will let him dive to the bottom of the
water where he will get (at random) an object which happens to be down there.
 This way, it's more realistic but at the same time unobservant people will
be able to get their stuff back.  I suppose this would also be useful for

One more idea on whether or not items should float on the water.  I agree
with objects of zero weight floating, but I would also add an ITEM_FLOAT flag
or whatever that you would only put on like a wood staff or something that
would obviously float on water.  Also, corpses would have to float, too.
 (Probably just player corpses so that there aren't hundreds of mobs you have
to steer around in your little canoe.)  You could probably dump their
inventory and held items into the water, but leave their eq on.

I'm sure there are some negative things I haven't thought of yet with this
idea, but I think it's better than outright losing something or else having
stuff magically 'float' on water.


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