Re: Extraction Crash

From: Ron Cole (rcole@EZY.NET)
Date: 10/20/97

>-+There was quite a bit of discussion a long time ago
>-+about using <struct>->next in loop conditions.
>-+If I remember correctly, it could all be summarized with:
>-+don't do it.

It's not whether you use for or while, it's whether you understand what the for
command does, and the dangers of allowing it to access freed data.  These 2
snippets are equally flawed:

for (obj = list; obj; obj = obj->next)

while (obj) {
  obj = obj->next;

As a matter of fact, they should generate pretty much identical code.  When you
are walking down a linked list, it's a Good Idea(tm) to save the next object,
before you start molesting the current one.

for (obj = list; obj; obj = next) {
  next = obj->next;

You could also call a function recursively to do it like so:

void ofree(obj)
  if (obj->next) ofree(obj->next);


This frees the list starting from the end and works backwards.


PS:  I know most of you knew this already, but for some new coders, this is one
of those "light coming on" things, where suddenly all that linked list/pointer
stuff makes sense...  :-)

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