MobProg Bug

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 10/21/97

check THIS out,
i was going through the mobprog code (trying to finally understand it and
use a few macros so i know what's going on)
anyway, i was changing all the mob_index[mob->nr].virtual to

well, i got down to this piece of code and noticed something strange
(it would crash my mud upon a death if you used $t)
        case 'n': if (actor)       // this is all correct down to case 't'
                    if IS_NPC(actor)  // i just wanted you to see the
differences here
                      lhsvl = mob_index[actor->nr].virtual;
                      rhsvl = atoi(val);
                      return mprog_veval(lhsvl, opr, rhsvl);
                    return -1;
        case 't': if (vict)
                    if IS_NPC(actor)   // and HERE's the problem i see.
                      lhsvl = mob_index[vict->nr].virtual;
it checks to see if vict is NULL, if not, then
is ACTOR an NPC? blah.  that sux
you might wanna change that line to

if IS_NPC(vict)

it's in the ifchck section, search for  "number" (with the quotes)
and you should be able to find it in the case 't':  section
this is mainly for ppl with mobprogs,and mobprogs in oasis.

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