[INFO] Determinates.

From: Matthew Mclaughlin (mattm@SATYRS.ENGR.CSUFRESNO.EDU)
Date: 10/22/97

  I was wandering what would be the best method of going about reading
the help files for a new command 'help' or what you might call ACMD(do_help)

  Commentarys from people who know what they are talking about please...


  What i have is a certain formated layout for a help file.. each word
to be indexed receives its own file name..

  Now the question is.. should i have it search for all the files in the
  help/ directory and execute the one that matches the characters argument..

  Or should i revert to the orig circle style.. and cache the contents of the
  word and entry into a linked list.  Thus upon using the help command..
  run though the linked list to find a match..

  so.. either  open file on the fly.. or search a linked list..

  STATS:  The mud will not have a max player limit of over 20 it would seem.
     Normal playing status might be about 5 at a time loged onto the mud.
     Just for determinates.


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