Re: [Question][Code]Read Board messages

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 10/23/97

I could be way off, but it looks like the spec proc for the boards isn't
being run at take a look at all the spec proc stuff, including
the boards.c

This is of course assuming bulletin boards use just another proc.  Come
to think of it i've never checked.

Anyways...doing a grep for read my be useful too, especially through the
boards.c file.

Hope that helps...
>Nathan Davies,
>I've got a problem with my boards.  For some reason I can read the boards,
>but I can't read the messages.  The following is what happens when I try.
>> read board
>This is a bulletin board.  Usage: READ/REMOVE <messg #>, WRITE <header>.
>You will need to look at the board to save your message.
>There are 8 messages on the board.
>1 : Mon Sep 22 (Rystan):: hey there guys....
>2 : Tue Sep 23 (Rystan)  :: okay new stuff
>3 : Tue Sep 23 (Rystan)  :: more stuff
>4 : Wed Sep 24 (Rystan)  :: stuff
>5 : Wed Sep 24 (Rystan)  :: races
>6 : Wed Sep 24 (Rystan)  :: races cont.
>7 : Thu Sep 25 (Rystan)  :: added
>8 : Sat Oct 11 (Uziel)  :: Test
>> read 1
>You do not see that here.
>Any clues as to how to fix it or where to look to solve the problem??
>Thanks in advance

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