Re: Dynamic Stats

From: Rasmus Ronlev (raro94ab@STUDENT.ECON.CBS.DK)
Date: 10/20/97

On Mon, 20 Oct 1997, Stefan Jakobsson wrote:

> Wondering if anyone had any ideas around the use of Dynamic stats
> i.e. you increase con and get more hp, decrease stat and get less  hp,

Yup. Did that.

> Ideas and hints would be appreciated :)

Well, the way I did it, I moved the points stuff to the real_abils and
aff_abils. Then used affect_total() to modify the stats acordingly to the
specifications we want on the mud I'm coding on.

Heh, not a big boasting explanation, but at least you'll have a little
clue as to how you might solve the implemtation :)


        Rasmus Ronlev DOEK'94 

              B.Sc. Computer Science and Business Administration
          Stud. M.Sc. Computer Science and Business Administration

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