Re: Mud Cheats Page

From: R. E. Paret (rparet@DARKRUNE.GURU.ORG)
Date: 10/24/97

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, George wrote:

> #1 - Not sure if CircleMUD is fixed, it should be.

Doesn't work. Only works on merc and merc variants, I think.

> #2 - CircleMUD lists objects one at a time so it should not crash.
>      (However, show_obj_to_char() uses page_string() instead of
>         send_to_char() so I'm not 100% positive...try it.) :)

This is a VERY old DikuMUD / Circle 2.0 bug that to my knowledge doesn't
work any more, for the reason you said.

> #3 - I believe CircleMUD does have mob waitstates.

Yes. Check do_bash if in doubt. :)

> #4 - Hm...

Yeah it works. Nothing much you can do with this one, its just mean.

> #5 - Not much to do about that one.

the cityguards shouldn't sneak and hide.

> #6 - Mobs don't use items anyway and if we did, we'd extract them.

This is a bug from another code base.

> #7 - Don't have transport spell, but fixable by either A) having a MUD
>         that doesn't crash or B) saving characters upon exchange.

Again, another code base.

> #8 - Our rooms don't save, unless it is your house and huh?

This one works like this:
Go to a crash save room, and die (somehow).
Have another character loot your corpse, then immediately crash the mud.
Log both chars back in, go to the crash save room, loot corpse, now you
have a dup of all your eq.  This is fixed by updating the crash save room
when things are taken from it (or from containers in it)

> #9 - Don't have that color.

Another mud base.

> #10 - We better strip ~ from aliases, but don't save yet.

This doesn't work unless you have ascii pfiles, in which case it might.
Check it out.

> #11 - No house editor for morts.

Hehe this probably won't work anyway. Having an immortal room is not a
function of being immortal.

> #12 - Mobs can't cast a thing.


> #13 - Hmm...

This is the same idea as the corpse bug before, in the crash save room.

> #14 - Not sure our locate object works that way.

#14 isn't locate object, which doesn't work that way. #14 is the wand one,
which I have no idea about.

All the crash bugs don't work. The money bugs are just stupid exploits
(ie: buy an auction item from a player with emote gives you 10000 coins.)

> The others seem not applicable..

Exactly. No need to panic, imho.


R. E. Paret
Dark Pawns: 4000

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