[ADMIN] Secure Intermud

From: Shadowdancer (sg618lo@UNIDUI.UNI-DUISBURG.DE)
Date: 10/24/97

Greetings Mudsfolk!

  The Realm-Of-Magic secure intermud client is based on the intermud-client
by Stryker of Tempus MUD. It has been heavily modified, and the code base
is now debugged, in C++, and some security features have been added.

  The mudlist is now read from a local file instead of a bootmaster host.
That way you can connect to the network, even if the bootmaster is down. UDP
packages from non-registered MUD's are rejected, and an answering message
is sent, whom to contact to be registered for your mud. Those foreign IP
addresses are also stored into a logfile.

  The secure intermud client has now successfully been tested by the
Realm of Magic and by MultiMUD. The client is stable and had uptimes of many
many days.

  The sources are given away freely, and may be used by anyone, as they are
published under the same diku-license as the original version was.

  If you are interested in trying to create a secure intermud network
together with the Realm of Magic and MultiMUD, you should be the administrator
of an established MUD (with a stable playerbase and roughly 10 - 30 mortals
online constantly). The secure Intermud Network by Realm of Magic grants
mortals access to the lesser intermud commands like itell, iwho, and mudlist.
You can thus add a nice new feature for your mortals, by giving them the
possibility of communing with mortals of other established muds.

  Note that we will give away the sources even if you are a mud that still
is under construction...you will be added to the network as soon as you have
opened for mortals.

  Interested? Then mail to intermud@rom.mud.de - You will then receive the
sources and one of our coders will come online to your mud to help you
installing the secure intermud client.

  Note that you need to have g++ and libg++ installed in order to compile
the client.

Fare thee well,


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