Implemented dual_wield, need help with messaging dual weapon type via fight.c

From: Tony Skinner (tskinner@GLOBALEYES.NET)
Date: 10/25/97

        I just implemented dual wield under Circle v3.0 pl11. I basically
allocated another bit vector to represent the dual wield position then
incorporated checks within act.item.c to verify no hold and no shield if
char dual wielding a weapon.
My problem is now trying to get fight.c code to differentiate between the
wielded weapon and secondary weapon for displaying the weapon attack
message (weapon type) and differentiating between the two weapon's
differing damages.

        I looked in Fight.c and it appears that it will be a major headache trying
to rewrite the code to incorporate another weapon. Does anyone have any
ideas how I should pursue this? Anyone else out there implement dual wield
in the way I have?
After looking at fight.c, I was thinking of doing some quick-and-dirty code
by passing char_data and obj_data structs onto the perform_violence
function so then I can simply add an additional hit for dual wielded item
and  know its hit type and damage.

        FYI, I am an intermediate C programmer so, in other words, I am not the
best at determining the most efficient course of action when adding code to
an existing base such as Circle.

        Thanks in advance,

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