Re: [Offtopic] observations about MSVC and win32 compilers>

From: Tony Skinner (tskinner@GLOBALEYES.NET)
Date: 10/26/97

At 09:25 AM 10/26/97 +0100, you wrote:
>On Sun, 26 Oct 1997, Tony Skinner wrote:
>> >Not for want of yet another UNIX vs. Windows thread, as that is hardly
>> >my point (whatever you're comfortable with is the best for you), but I
>> >have to wonder about the, "would give up too much efficiency," line.
>> The ability of an IDE to consume memory is by no judge of it's efficiency.
> No, of course not... it's very efficient, that you press CTRL-F or go
>with the mouse on the file | find or click the icon for searching in the
>toolbar and then wait like 10 seconds for the dialog to pop up (remember
>we're low on memory, since the MSCV requires 24megs, we're running it,
>there also mud running in the background, becasue you're testing
>something, also, you have mailer running and maybe even netscape (oh
>sorry, it's Internet Exflawrer) and you havd 32 megs of ram) while you
>fear for the disk drive, becasue it sounds like the heads have jammed or
>something... Oh, I don't want to hear what happens you you try to open
>another file or ,aybe even, oh god, compile something!!

Well, I am sorry, but I am using an AMD K6 233 with 32megs of RAM and I
don't have
any quarell with virtual ram swapping. I guess if you have a slower
processor then
MSVC could become a problem. I am not trying to say that MSVC is the
greatest, but
for what I do it suits me better than trying to debug under Unix.

>> The efficiency in question is raised from the fact that under Unix you must
>... snip snip ...
>> not refreshing from the dull typing.
>Dull typing? Right! *cackle* You know, the movement of the  hand from
>keyboard to the mouse takes time... How many things can you do only with
>mouse there? Typing with one hand is dull... BAH!

Well, this boils down to a judge of personal preference which could be
argued until
hell froze over. So to save the misery of the argument, let us just say
that "to each
their own!"

>> Though I find your argument valid, I must decline to agree from experience
>> between the Unix environment as opposed to the intuitive MSVC interface
>Go and take a look how the NT DNS server interface looks like... Very
>nice, but when you have to create a classless DNS server you're stuck...
What does the interface of Microsoft Visual C++ have anything to do with
Microsoft NT server interface?
I am using Windows 95 and using the C++ compiler to compile to strictly C
Classes have no boundary where I dwell!


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