[Totally Dumb] Question regarding Room_Affections

From: Søren P. Skou (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 10/26/97

Ahem.. I think I'm daft or something like that. Or at least overlooking
the obvious.

anyway, I've installed the room_affections patch from the snippets site,
Very neat, and after a little work, got SPELL_LIGHT to work so that you
can cast light upon a location (I hate the term room, it is a location,
not a room, how do you have rooms in a forest?). No problemo, everything
works (Even negates IS_DARK). But the REAL thing is that SPELL_LIGHT is
vice versa.

Problem is simple, and I'm pretty sure I just overlook the obvious. But
how on earth do I remove the RAFF_ thingie again, only thing I can see
is that it *HAS* to run out of ticks. Which is pretty Silly, since I
want to be able to negate light effect if you cast darkness and negate
darkness effect if you cast light, no matter if you cast it 10000 times
right after each other. (In which cast I would seriously look at the
mana that person has. :)

Anyone who has had this problem? or has some idea of in which direction
I should look?

/Serces got confused all of a sudden.

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