Re: Windows vs Unix (again)

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 10/26/97

On Sun, 26 Oct 1997, Tony Skinner wrote:

>>Uhm, essentially: grep, RCS, and gdb, except with pretty interfaces
>>and less power.  Excuse me if I don't burst with joy.
>As noble as your efforts to support that of unix persist, I beg to differ.
>With Windows being castrated at an un right pace, I must say that it's
>simplistic interface can be quite intuitive as well as being less of a
>burden when constantly typing grep statements to track down files.

Ever write a shell script (batch file) that automatically parses the output
of 'non-prototyped function' warnings from the compiler (after
-Wmissing-prototypes), searches for that function in the file the compiler
reported and then give you the whole list of the missing ones that you
simply cut&paste into the file? I hardly think so.  If you really find
'grep' that hard to type, alias it to 'g'.  Or better yet, try this alias:

alias cf='grep -in \!* *[ch]'

I find that a whole lot faster than move-click-move-click-type-click.

>The ability of an IDE to consume memory is by no judge of it's efficiency.

Ok, I write an IDE that takes 200 megs of RAM and does everything you could
ever want to do, still efficient even though you can't run it and never
use 25-50% of the features?

>The efficiency in question is raised from the fact that under Unix you
>must rely upon the command line to find certain lines of code which the
>search criteria where under MSVC IDE you simply click an icon and conduct
>the search under ANY directory with which you can point and click. Though

alias rgrep='find . -name \*.[ch] | xargs grep'
rgrep do_bash
rgrep "do_bash|do_kick"

>key strokes counted might be quite close in comparison to unix full
>directory names, the fact still stands that in most cases the point-click

Windows doesn't TAB-complete on it's command line and you still have to
expand all those directory trees in the GUI.
cd "\program files\microsoft office 97\office"
cd /p<TAB>/mi<TAB>/o<TAB> (and if anything is ambiguous, it lists them)

>approach can be handy, if not refreshing from the dull typing.

Gpm is your friend.

>Though I find your argument valid, I must decline to agree from experience
>between the Unix environment as opposed to the intuitive MSVC interface
>that Microsoft has laid forth. And yes, to bring an answer to the

I've used MSVC 4 and 5 and find it much easier to use Unix and edit various
files than use that IDE.  I type 'make', 'pico +line file.c' and repeat.
(Yeah I use pico, so sue me.)

>forthcoming herring of Microsoft's known bloated ness, I agree with whole
>heartedness. Microsoft IS known for neglecting efficiency in favor of user
>kindness. The only question that remains is, does the interface, in the
>long run, further my progress or hinder it?

It all comes down to experience.  Anything I find limiting is annoying
while someone else may enjoy being walked through everything.

We're getting into a Windows vs Unix thread.....let's drop it, we all have
our preferences.

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