Re: Mud Cheats Page gone off topic

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 10/27/97

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Davies, Nathan wrote:

%I'm an Imp on my mud...naturally...and I think I should get special

Implement a PRF_NO_IDLE flag that (preferably) only Greater Gods or
up can use.   That way, they will idle out, unless they specifically
tell the game to not idle them out.  Make sure the flag doesn't save,
that way, they should have to set it when they log in (no-one just
setting it so they're always exempt, even when they're not
legitametly idle).  Or, make the person offer a reason for setting
the NO_IDLE flag before they can set it.  That way, they're either
forced to give a reason, or they can't set it.

%I don't want to idle out while i'm coding in the background.

Unfortunately, it's not always as easy as David Klasinc made
it sound in his reply .  Just logging off from the MUD is not
always a viable option, because on occassion, you get coders
that are also administrators, and don't want to neglect either
job.  If they code in the background, while they're online,
then they can check in on the game, see if anyone sent them
messages (especially if they have an "AFK" flag that will
record say, tell, etc. messages), and see how the game is
running.  It gives them a chance to administrate and examine
the MUD, without having to log into the MUD repeatedly to
check on it.  Even further, it helps with bug hunting.  You
see a bug, you go into the code and fix it.  You switch back
over into the game as foreground, look for any other bugs, and
fix that.  It's very useful with recently added code.

And while, this last one can easily be done by just logging back
into the MUD, it's hardly convenient to do so, when you can just
switch back into it by typing, "fg" or by using a key combination
to switch into a seperate "console" (like Linux).

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