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From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 10/27/97

hello i promised a few months ago after finding that either there
weren't any (or no one wanted to share), i'm offering a patch for an online
help file editor..this patch was made against stock 3.0 bpl 11 with the
oasisolc from the circlemud ftp site patched in..

currently, i have uploaded it to the incoming directory of the ftp would probably also be a good addition to all of the patch pages
that are around..

- standard disclaimer...this patch may indeed nuke your src, world files,
        mail files, torch your house, kill your dog, and make you get fired
        from your job..beware and make backups of your entire mud (especially
        help files)

- you must unify all your existing help files into a file called
        "help.hlp" under lib/text/help (you could change it to whatever
        you want, but this is what the patch was made for..)

- this also adds in help file min levels that will need to be set for
        immortal help entries (unless you want mortals to be able to get help
        on wiz commands)

if you use this, you don't have to give me credit or anything..just drop by
my mud if you feel like it, and post a message on the board..and if you
wanted to pay me back, you could hunt down a bug or two before you left :)
if you have any problems, you can email me at


"Because there is no problem in this world so intractable or complicated that
 it cannot be solved by killing anyone even remotely connected to it."
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