From: Crimson Towers (ctowers@RAGE.TELMARON.COM)
Date: 10/28/97

*****Attention Testplayers!!!*****
Crimson Towers Mud is pleased to announce that we are close to opening up
our virtual doors for game play, however we need the help of experiences
mudders to get the quirks worked out. If you are interested in becoming a
test player here are the terms, all test players will be equipped and
advanced to level 10, they will be given gold for supplies and the like.

If your interested, give us a visit at the site below;

|Cryptkeeper: ctowers.telmaron.com 4000         |
|email      : ctowers@telmaron.com              |
|----'-{@    Crimson Towers MUD Imp     @}-,----|

Thanks, Cryptkeeper and the Crimson Towers administration.

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