pbl12 Compiling Problems

From: Thomas (tlr159s@NIC.SMSU.EDU)
Date: 10/30/97

Hi, I have like everyone else just heard about the patch level 12 of
CircleMUD, and downloaded it immediately.  I have never had any
problems compiling 11, but in 12 there seems to be a problems in the
act.other.c file at the do_gen_write function.  (I must add I am using
MSVC++ 4.0).  Anywho when it reaches stat fbuf, it say external
undefined, and at fbuf.st_size it also is unrecognized.  I have
searched through the call to this, and can't locate the problem.  If
anyone has seen this prob also, please note your workaround to me.
Thanks in advance.

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