Re: Bpl13 suggestion

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 10/31/97

On Fri, 31 Oct 1997, Stephen Arnold wrote:

->        I guess it depends on the level of Role-Play you like in your MUD.
->I like titles, and I find my players do also.

Titles have nothing to do with role-playing, because they don't stand
for anything if everyone has one.  I'm not suggesting removing titles
completely either, mind you.  I'm suggesting removing the level-based
autoset ones.  And despite how nifty I find role-play oriented MUDs,
level titles are almost universally ignored.  I'm afraid you're a
minority in this (not in having a role-playing oriented MUD [although
you're in a minority there, too], but in paying attention to titles,
and having players who pay attention to them).

->think they should be removed (from stock, not other peoples MUDs
->ofcourse). Rasdan (I think?) idea of adding in a define in config.c I
->think is the best thing.

If you want the level-based titles, it's INCREDIBLY trivial to add.
You just add an array (or add onto an existing array) and then set
the person's title to the level-based one when they level.  Quite
bluntly, it's less than half-a-dozen lines of code and involves no
thought whatsoever.

In the case of the level-based titles, it's a lot harder to remove
them, than to add them.  And it makes the code ugly and unneccessarily
large when you have things like:

  {"", "", exp_needed},
  {"", "", exp_needed},
  {"", "", exp_needed},
  {"", "", exp_needed},

for all new levels or classes (which will happen if we use the
config variable approach).

Does anyone have a good reason to keep titles around (not to belittle
the post I'm replying to, but it was simply, "Keep them because I want

daniel koepke /

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