Re: Hacker MUDSTEALER ALERT gone way off topic

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 11/03/97

Hey...I have an immort on my mud named Quinn.  Maybe he's gonna beg me
to code while I laugh at him, then we'll see what he does...

<cackles insanely>

Okie so there's like no point to this post...sorry...

Other than a server just being painfully slow, what might cause compile
time to be really long.  One server i've been on, it's 2mins for the
whole compile and link.  Another two are 10-15 mins...


>Nathan Davies,
>The person named quinn...came to my mud as well
>And I can verify that he will steal anything he can get his hands
>on.. I knew him a while back, always thought he was an idiot.
>I don't know about that other guy fili or whatever but about quinn..
>last known profile:
>name: Sharon Barkdoll (goes as mike)
>last email:
>last sites:   
>this information is just for helpful purposes..dont know how recent
>it is though. This may or may not be inappropiate..depends on the way
>you look at this..I'm trying to be helpful by giving out a little
>info on the guy..

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