[Newbie] [MSVC4] Converting the console to a Win32 application appearance...

From: El Diablo (ryan@MORROWS.ORG)
Date: 11/02/97

I'm fairly new to programming using anything but the console and I'm not familiar
with menus and dialogs and all that.  I am wondering if anyone has already, or
would know how to add menus (like Options->Who's Online, Options->Shutdown,
About->CircleMUD, About->resources (which might show how much memory the MUD is
using, processor time maybe, etc...)).

Also, after doing all that, I wonder how hard it would be to have the MUD shell
itself act like an administrator account, with an entry field at the bottom of
the window where you could type commands and the MUD would take them as if from a
player...  Nothing fancy, just a simple telnet type thing, but hooked directly
into the MUD instead of through an actual telnet connection.

In other words, when you execute your MUD, you'd have a Win32 type window with
two windows inside it: one for the log, and one for the builtin admin.

Not really important, but an idea for us Windows users... :)

Ideas/comments?  ...flames? (not too many) ;)


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