From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 11/03/97

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, Midnight Man wrote:

->And another story : Las weekend, he did show up, and was making those
->obnoxious claims :
->1) He is going to rewrite cricle 3.0 + Oasis, and make it QuinnMUD ?
->2) Rewrite the Linux kernel, and enhance thereby the whole Slackware
->distribution (telnet gpm, blah blah)

You know, I think I ran into a similar type of person on the first
(admittedly awful) MUD I ever ran.  I was rather naive in those days,
but I wasn't stupid enough to let someone have access to my code I
didn't even know.  Especially someone that was claiming to be Hans
Henrik Staerfeldt, telnetting from a Canadian site, didn't speak a
lick of German, didn't know about Valhalla (uhm, gee...), etc., etc.
You see...even I, as a newbie to the game, was smart enough to know
not to trust everyone.  The wiser I get, the less people I trust.  I
think I laughed in his face and banned him. :)

->        Quinn
->       Duncan
->                          Ouykcuf

Boy, I bet this guy thinks he real clever.  "Hey, I can get by the
xnames list by reversing the banned name.  Aren't I ingenious."  I'm
willing to bet this is a seriously disturbed Canadian teenager.  Why
Canadian?  Because America's disturbed teens go out and join gangs;
they don't go try to make people mad online. :)  Doesn't matter, both
need their parents to slap some sense into them.

daniel koepke /

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