From: Ole Vanman (oleman@POST2.TELE.DK)
Date: 11/03/97

Daniel Koepke wrote:
> You know, I think I ran into a similar type of person on the first
> (admittedly awful) MUD I ever ran.  I was rather naive in those days,
> but I wasn't stupid enough to let someone have access to my code I
> didn't even know.  Especially someone that was claiming to be Hans
> Henrik Staerfeldt, telnetting from a Canadian site, didn't speak a
> lick of German, didn't know about Valhalla (uhm, gee...), etc., etc.
> You see...even I, as a newbie to the game, was smart enough to know
> not to trust everyone.  The wiser I get, the less people I trust.  I
> think I laughed in his face and banned him. :)
Apart from not knowing about Valhalla, it could have been H.H.
Stærfeldt. He might have an account in Canada, and as a Dane he don't
speak German.... He speak DANISH! :-b

How would you feel, if somebody told you that they were talking with an
imposter, claiming to be the first man on the moon. And the reason he
couldn't be, was that he didn't speak spanish? :-)

I know this posting was way off-off topic, so why not continue?

I have a question:

I have downloaded the trains snippet. It's giving me a headache.
I have tried almost everything. I've even read a book! (C++)
I'm using MSVC++ 5.0, and get these errors:

----------Configuration: circle - Win32 Debug--------------------
D:\msvc\DevStudio\MyProjects\Circle\circle\structs.h(893) : error C2061:
syntax error : identifier 'socket_t'
D:\msvc\DevStudio\MyProjects\Circle\circle\structs.h(923) : error C2059:
syntax error : '}'
D:\msvc\DevStudio\MyProjects\Circle\circle\comm.h(33) : error C2146:
syntax error : missing ')' before identifier 'desc'
D:\msvc\DevStudio\MyProjects\Circle\circle\comm.h(33) : error C2501:
'desc' : missing decl-specifiers
D:\msvc\DevStudio\MyProjects\Circle\circle\trains.c(145) : fatal error
C1004: unexpected end of file found
Error executing cl.exe.

trains.obj - 5 error(s), 0 warning(s)

It's bpl12. I have tried both 11 & 12, under Linux and win95. With the
same result, lots of errors.
I have read the FAQ and the list for old postings. I only found one,
having the exact same prob. as me. But no answer.
Could somebody plz give me a hint!
My next move is to sacrifice a young goat, over a big pile of linux'
books. Would that help? :-)

Ole Vanman /

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