From: Ron Cole (rcole@SHELL.EZY.NET)
Date: 11/03/97

> BTW, on the manhole thing, saying, "so they won't fall through," is
> kindof dumb.  I would think they're round because manholes are round.

If the manhole was any other shape (that I can think of anyway), it would
be possible to turn, flip, or rotate the manhole cover such that it could
fall through the hole.  With it being round, this is not possible.  So,
"it wouldn't fall through" is indeed a valid observation, even if it was
perhaps not the original reason.


On a (somewhat) more Circle related topic, what other books would be good
for a reference/examples for socket programming, besides Unix Network
Programming, by Stevens?  I've got that one, but it's not quite sinking
in.  Maybe another author's explanations and examples will help it all
gel in my head...

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