From: Ron Cole (rcole@SHELL.EZY.NET)
Date: 11/03/97

>  1) Instead of just sending one packet, send a configurable number (1-10)
>  2) Create a special telnet client that will disregard packets with the
>      "new" packet number that are duplicates of one's it's seen already.
>  In essence blast a bunch of packets in the hopes that one gets through.
>  The question: How would you go about modifying Circle's socket i/o routines
> to
>  allow this?  Would this _require_ UDP or is there some way to get around the
>  standard ack response requirement in order for things to stay synced?

As I understand it, yes, you would need to switch to UDP.  TCP by
definition, requires that each packet go through, in sequence, so it does
all the error checking for you.  All you would accomplish it to make
things worse, by require that the same data get resent.  By switching to
UDP, you can do what you want, which would be to use the first valid copy
of the data that gets through.  Whether or not it will help or not,
remains to be seen.  I would guess that it *could* be better in a
situation with lots of lost packets, and worse when the connection is
clean, since you are sending more data than necessary.  But this is all
guesses based on what I've been reading lately.


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