Re: [WIN95] In place of autorun?

From: Michael Graziano (mikeg@HOFLINK.COM)
Date: 11/03/97

You guys actually have the patience to use Win95 and compile circle? I
dual-boot FreeBSD 2.2.5 with Whine-DOS 95 and just run/test my mud from there,
the compiler is free and takes maybe 3 minutes to configure and make...

Ayway, on-topic-for-this-thread, Here's a really quick little hack that does
most of what autorun does (it works well if you create a shortcut to it and put
it in your startup group to auto-start circle :)
(God bless those of you with the patience to compile Circle on Win95 Machines!
Maybe someone will pick this up and improve it :)

---Begin AUTORUN.BAT---
@echo off

rem Port to run the mud on
set PORT=4000

rem Flags to pass to Circle
set FLAGS='-q'

rem Set up system log
echo autorun starting game $DATE >> syslog
echo running bin\circle %FLAGS% %PORT% >> syslog

rem Log circle's output (this should work as-is)
bin\circle %FLAGS% %PORT% >> syslog 2>&1

rem Following commented section won't work right under 95... better to just
rem leave it out and move the logs manually...
rem del  log\syslog.1
rem move log\syslog.2 log\syslog.1
rem move log\syslog.3 log\syslog.2
rem move log\syslog.4 log\syslog.3
rem move log\syslog.5 log\syslog.4
rem move log\syslog.6 log\syslog.5
rem move syslog       log\syslog.6

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