Re: [CODE] GET_LEVEL(vict) && crash

From: Jason Margaritis (jkat@HIGHLANDIL.COM)
Date: 11/06/97

Co-Sysop wrote:
> I was looking throught the code and came across do_kill().  I looked
> through it and realized that an imp can kill another imp.  I might just be
> bored and looking for something to do but the fact that I can't get this
> right is really bothering me.  I can't get the level of vict until there
> actually is something in vict.  vict is declared in an if statement.  So
> right before I get to the part of the else if stuff that tells the mud to
> kill the vict I add in a few lines:
>         else if (GET_LEVEL(vict) < LVL_IMPL)
>           act(message to player like "Don't kill imps");

first off you should use send_to_char, not act.
Probably the act is cuasing the crash.
You should try to give more information.
Any warnings while compiling?

> I compile, run it, and hop into my mud with my imp and type kill newbie.
> And the mud crashes... Newbie is a normal mob (just to make sure do_kill
> still works).  In this case vict is a mob.  I haven't tried on a player
> yet.  But what I want to know is why would this cause a crash?  I doubt it
> is the act() statement because I basically copied another act() statement
> and changed the text.  Any insight would be appreciated.  Any flames would
> be annoying but that doesn't seem to stop anyone.

Jason Margaritis

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