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From: Co-Sysop (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM)
Date: 11/06/97

[long message snipped]

About the pfiles...Personally, I really don't care whether the player files
take up more space because they are ascii or less space because they are
binary.  I remember a debate on the list about ascii pfiles and the topic
of security was discussed.  From what I have heard, a lot of imps don't
have root access (or acceess to anything besides the MUD on their server).
That means that someone else can access the player files.  I realize that
if someone does tamper with the pfiles you probably shouldn't be using that
server anymore but I like to have a secure MUD.  I can't open up my pfile
with a text editor and change things but I can use set to do a lot of it
and when I find something I can't do with set I will just write a command
(or make some additions to set).  I don't use ascii pfiles.  I'm probably
not the only one.  My suggestion is to add another line in config.c

I guess since I've already thrown in about 3 cents of input here I might as
well continue...
I don't use mobprogs (Haven't found a real need to yet and I know almost
nothing about it)
I don't use olc (two reasons.  Because it seems to have more bugs than I
want to sort through                    and I think it promotes laziness in builders.  When
I see a poorly written
                        near descriptionless zone I spit it back at the builder and make him/her
                        redo it.)
I don't use races (It doesn't fit with the story of my MUD and the plot is
just as important                       as the world itself.  And there is a races.doc file on
the circle ftp                  site (unless I am mistaken...which is possible since I
don't have races                        and probably never will.) so if someone want to add
races it is pretty
                        easy to do)
I don't have clans (I don't use them now because on average my MUD has zero
players...It is
                        also siteless...strange coincidence or conspiracy?  But in the future I
                        might choose to add clans because it can give a player a feeling of
                        important and keep the players from doing nothing but killing the same
        mob over and over again until they become immortal...)
For clans I think they should be coded and just not have any clans.  Make
the code easy to read and well organize, maybe right a .doc on making new
clans or editing the clan system.  The very first MUD I played was
basically stock with a different name (Everyone takes a little piece of
their first favorite MUD and puts it into their own.  From them I got a way
to handle quests that envolves more RP (its not "Go find this and I give
you gold")).  I loved to play it because at that time it was the only one I
could access.  Over a couple of months I started to organize some players
together in my own little clan.  Being a member really didn't get them
anything (after all, it was just stock circle) but I got a lot of people to
join.  I think people generally like to be part of a group (see post on
american teens and gangs).  So how about sticking in the code for clans and
then just leave all the clan creation to the imps?

I'm sure your all sick of me by now so I will leave you to attempt to
interpret my scribbling (and my excessive use of parenthesis)

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