From: Nathan Ridley (legendd@CYBERELECTRIC.NET.AU)
Date: 11/06/97

>Am I the only one who doesn't like OLC? I like to be able to keep track of
>the world, where everything is and what has currently been made. If OLC is
>in, anyone at IMM status and higher goes haywire making stuff and i
>completely lose track of everything...

Actually, I haven't even implemented OLC yet, it was just an idea which
didn't seem to appeal to me. I guess I'm worried I'll lose track of VNUMs
and stuff. I might give it a go at some stage, though...
 Anyways, thanks for all the feedback, and I would like to ask one more
question: is there an OLC patch for circle30bpl12? a whole bunch of the
patches don't work on pl12. Could someone recommend a patch?


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