Re: [NEWBIE] Adjusting do_advance

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 11/07/97

I haven't seen this patch, so this may be way off, but when I added alot
level levels to my mud, and with it, high xp values, do advance doesn't
work, because it calculates the xp needed to advance x number of

Like on your mud...if a player is level 29 and you advance them to 30,
then 31, the 32, then 33, etc to 50+ it should work fine.

If this IS the case, then you should change advance so that it just
calculates the xp needed for that level, and give it to them right away,
in a loop, so a level 1 player, from advance 50 would loop the 49 times,
advancing them a level each time.  Alot goes to the syslog so there's
prolly a better way, but I haven't gotten around to making it...

>Nathan Davies,
>I recently added the exp replacement patch from the circlemud ftp site to
>circle 3.0 pl12, the one thing i can't figure out is how to get the
>do_advance to work properly. it works for levels 1-29, but when used for
>level 30, it advances a player to level 100, the highest mortal level i
>have added in, and any level arguement over level 34 does not work at all.
>There is probably an obvious solution, but i seem to be overlooking it.  I
>would appreciate any insight.

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