fighting stances and degrees of skills

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 11/07/97

ok, a while back i coded a system of fighting stances that, when used,
will give the player certain modifications..for example the drunken
boxing stance (for monks (kung fu type)) will lower hitroll, but raise
constitution (make them feel the pain less), i want this to improve
as the players skill in the stance improves, but i'm kind of stuck on how
to do this..what i have now is something like:

mod = 4 * (GET_SKILL(ch, stance)/100);

so that a higher skill would result in a higher mod with a maximum of
4..the only problems i see with this is that it may not be the same when
i want to remove the affect, like if the player fights and their skill in
the stance goes up from use, when they go to leave the skill, it will
take away more than was originally given..anyway, any comments on this,
or suggestions of better ways to do this?

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