Re: Client wars?! (was: Re: Circle's net protocol)

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 11/10/97

> Hm, what does the playing of .wav files has to do with being more
>powerful? ;> Hm, maybe you could simulate the voice of Bitchin' Betty when
>you're low on HP or somethign similar *Cackle*

It doesn't have a thing to do with being more powerful.  It just makes
the world seem more realistic.  For example, lightning when a storm on
the MUD starts, an explosion when a fireball goes off.  The ability to
play sounds doesn't make for a more powerful, just more featureful.  I
know I can't wait until MSP is added to my fav client (Rapscallion)

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