Re: {NEWBIE] [WIN95] Help!!!

From: Hobsie (grych@HEM.PASSAGEN.SE)
Date: 11/10/97

Okey i have tried that but it still cant find these files =(
I can send the complete error log that the compiler spits out.. =P
But its rather long..
I have doine exacly what the web site..  says..
But no luck..
I herd that i should run the "\msdev\bin\vcvars32.bat"
file but are it needed when i run the windows copiler and not the dos based
nmake command?, well im sorry if all these questions sounds dumb! But i
"really " did compile the circlemud once for a friend and i still got the
exe file circle.exe for win95 but i just cant seem to get it to compile one
more time =P humm.. well im not the one that giva up the first time i get a
fall back.

And that thing about just seeing a "Humans stands here." until you have
been introduced to him would really rock! Its a little more towards rl.
then =P hehe so im going to put it to Myd MUD "Stone MUD v1.0" that im
building at home with Pascal. and assembler ;P

Hehe, ok thanks for all the help i got so far!, Its many people that have
been writing to me!, and it all help a litle! =) I learn some more about
C++ hehe! And that is the toughest part about beeing a C programer must be
just to COMPILE an other people's work.. =P, in other words. the compiler
is the hardest command to learn. *chuckle*

Thanks all!

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