Re: [NEWBIE] Mob stats

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 11/10/97

Um, how about 1/20 the exp a PC needs for an equivalent
It all depends on how fast you want your players to be
able to advance in level.  So if a level 10 PC needs
1,000,000 exp to gain level 11, try setting level 10 and 11
mobs to ~50,000 each (+/- 10K), if you want 20 mobs per
level;  100K for 10/level; 10,000 for 100/level (not
recommended ;)  etc.

It's all a function of what you feel is balanced for your
particular mud, in terms of number of levels, exp/level,
difficulty of mobs (are they "smart mobs" - cast spells,
rest when injured, track fleeing players, etc., or just
your regular, run-of-the-mill mobs that stand around
waiting to die ;) , availability of magic and equipment,
and any other factors you feel are relevent.

So no, nobody can really give you a magic formula for mob
exp for your mud - you have to decide on one for yourself.
We can only offer suggestions on what you might want to go
into the decision process.

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>Subject:        [NEWBIE] Mob stats
>Does anyone know a good formula for calculating the amount of exp for mobs
>based on their level?
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